Airport Directory

note: numbers and contact information may change without notice

Airport Administration Office: 928-777-1114
Hours: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Airport Terminal is open everyday at 5:30 AM

Charter, Flight Instruction & Rental

Company Phone
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University 928-777-3728
Guidance Aviation 928-443-9370
Leighnor Aircraft 928-499-3080
North-Aire, Inc. 928-445-8320
Universal Helicopters 928-776-0665

Aircraft Repairs, Avionics & Service Support

Company Phone
Arizona Air-Craftsman/Mile High Avionics 928-717-1680
Eagle Air Repair, LLC 928-443-8509
Powell Aircraft Interiors 928-778-7827

Airline Service

Company Phone
United Airlines/United Express – Reservations 800-864-8331

Fixed Based Operators (FBO’s) & Fuel Providers

Company Phone
Legend Aviation 928-443-9333

Airport Hangars & Commercial Office Space

Company Phone
Prescott Hangars, LLC (hangars) 213-247-8287


Company Phone
Antelope Hills Golf Course 928-445-0583
 Suzie’s Skyway Restaurant (located in the Terminal) 928-445-6971

Ground Transportation

Company Phone
Ditch ‘N Go 928-277-3411
Hertz (Located in the Terminal) 928-776-1399 or 800-654-3131

Aviation Organizations