Properties for Rent-Lease-Sale

City-Operated Hangars, Covered Tie-downs and Open Tie-downs for Rent; Storage Units

The airport has 172 general aviation hangars and 20 covered tie-downs for rent to owners of general aviation aircraft.  Due to current demand for hangar space and covered tie-downs, the airport currently maintains a waiting list for these spaces.  Open tiedowns are currently available for rent.  The Airport also leases storage units at the ends of each hangar row for use by airport customers for storage of aviation-related materials.  All spaces are leased on a month to month basis.

For more information please contact the Airport Administration office at 928-777-1114.

Additional Aviation Properties:
1. 6585 Crystal Lane (SALE)
Guidance Aviation (928) 443-9370

2. Monarch Aviation/Prescott Hangar, LLC (SALE/LEASE)
(213) 247-8287